A pristine wilderness lake surrounded by soaring mountains, plummeting gorges, and lush mountain streams; yet completely protected from overdevelopment and accessible only to a few.

In the middle of the Graham County lies the most beautiful lake in the Smoky Mountains, Lake Santeetlah. (Its name is derived from an Indian word meaning "blue waters.")

As a headwaters lake it is clear and pristine, and over 90% of its 80-mile shoreline lies within the Nantahala National Forest and the Slickrock Wilderness – ensuring the preservation and integrity of the wilderness sanctuary that establishes the character of this area and provides the setting for the Santeetlah Canoe Club and

provides the Wildsprings community with access to this unique lake.

In the midst of the lush, green mountain slopes, 3,000 acres of open water ideal for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking comprise Lake Santeetlah, where bald eagles nest and you can lose yourself among the myriad coves and inlets.

Having long been recognized as one of the best fishing lakes in North Carolina, the lake’s finger-shaped configuration, and minimal boat traffic all provide for ideal water recreational activities.  In addition, some of the nation’s best whitewater rivers, hiking and horseback riding trails, fly fishing streams, mountain biking trails, and driving roads are all located within close proximity.


Rustic. Elegant. Hidden.

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Lake Santeetlah...a 3,000 acre mountain lake  with 90 miles of shoreline, hidden deep in the Carolina Smokies - with almost 90% of its shoreline within protected National Forests, the preservation and integrity of this unique wilderness sanctuary is ensured.